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Experience Psychology, 3rd edition Essays (818 words) - Free Essays

Experience Psychology, 3rd edition Essays (818 words) - Free Essays Experience Psychology, 3rd edition Chapter 6, Memory Vocabulary, Key Terms Amnesia: The loss of memory. Anterograde amnesia: A memory disorder that effects the retention of new information and events. Atkinson-Shiffrin theory: Theory stating that memory storage involves three separate systems: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Autobiographical memory: A special form of episodic memory, consisting of a person's recollections of his or her life experiences. Connectionism: Also called parallel distribution processing (PDP), the theory that memory is stored throughout the brain in connections among neurons, several of which may work together to process a single memory. Decay theory: Theory stating that when an individual learns something new, a neurochemical memory trace forms, but over time this trace disintegrate; suggest that the passage of time always increases forgetting. Divided attention: Concentrating on more than one activity at the same time. Elaboration: The formation of a number of different connections around a stimulus at a given level of memory encoding. Encoding: The first step in memory, the process by which information gets into memory storage. Episodic memory: The retention of information about the where, when, and what of life's happeningthat is, how individuals remember life's episodes. Explicit memory (declarative memory): The conscious recollection of information, such as specific facts or events and, at least in humans, information that can be verbally communicated. Flashbulb memory: The memory of emotionally significant events that people often recall with more accuracy and vivid imagery than everyday events. Implicit memory (nondeclarative memory): Memory in which behavior is affected by prior experience without a conscious recollection of that experience. Interference theory: The theory that people forget not because memories are lost from storage but because other information gets in the way of what they want to remember. Levels of processing: A continuum of memory processing from shallow to intermediate to deep, with deeper processing producing better memory. Long-term memory: A relatively permanent type of memory that stores huge amounts of information for a long time. Memory: The retention of information of experience over time as the result of three key processes: encoding, storage, and retrieval. Motivated forgetting: Forgetting that occurs when something is so painful or anxiety-laden that remembering it is intolerable. Priming: The activation of information that people already have in storage to help them remember new information better and faster. Proactive interference: Situation in which material that was learned earlier disrupts the recall of material that was learned later. Procedural memory: Memory for skills. Prospective memory: Remembering information about doing something in the future; includes memory for intentions. Retrieval: The memory process that occurs when information that was retained in memory comes out of storage. Retroactive interference: Situation in which material that was learned later disrupts the retrieval of information that was learned earlier. Retrograde amnesia: Memory for a segment of the past but not for new events. Retrospective memory: Remembering information from the past. Schema: A preexisting mental concept or framework that helps people to organize and interpret information. Schemas from prior encounters with the environment influence the way individuals encode, make inferences about, and retrieve information. Script: A schema for an event, often containing information about physical features, people, and typical occurrences. Semantic memory: A person's knowledge about the world. Sensory memory: Memory system that involves holding information from the world in its original sensory form for only an instant, not much longer than the brief time it is exposed to the visual, auditory, and other senses. Serial position effect: The tendency to recall the items at the beginning and end of a list more readily than those in the middle. Short-term memory: Limited-capacity memory system in which information is usually retained for only as long as 30 seconds unless strategies are used to retain it longer. Storage: The retention of information over time and how this information is represented in memory. Sustained attention: The ability to maintain attention to a selected stimulus for a prolonged period of time. Tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) phenomenon: A type of effortful retrieval associated with a person's feeling that he or she knows something (say a word or name) but cannot quite pull it out of memory. Working memory: A combination of components, including short-term memory and attention, that allow

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Personal development plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Personal development plan - Essay Example Part 1 This is what I call the Records part. It deals with my curriculum vitae including educational qualifications, experience, specific training etc and my likes and dislikes. I will round off the section with a SWOT analysis of my-self. Part 2 This is the Analysis part. I will reflect upon and analyze some of my experiences to ascertain the best strategy for me to further develop my personality. This Section is based mainly on a number of theories. Just for future reference I have listed the crux of few of these theories which I have used in my analysis. PART 1 - RECORD Curriculum Vitae Personal Details HAIDER KAMAL Address 7 / A, Fleetwood Street, Macintosh Towers, London Date of Birth 27 February 1983 Nationality British e-mail address Mobile Number 0638 12345678 Marital Status Single Home telephone 44.171.5678900 Personal Profile Key Skills Working under pressure to meet short deadlines Adapting quickly and effectively to changing circumstances and objectives Working independently or as part of a project team Career Profile Employer Appointment Duration Role Mavis & Deacon HR Consultants Section Supervisor Jan 2004 - May 2005 Assist manager in survey of client company J&J Pharma Ltd Assistant to Deputy HR Manager Jun 2005 - Jan 2007 All aspects of day to day working Academic Achievements Course Institution Result Year MBA (HRM) Greenwich Management School Ongoing 2007 BS (HRM) " 1st Class 2004 A Level St. John's College 4 A's ; 4 B's 2001 O Level " 5 A's ; 3 B's 1999 Interests Field sports like football, hockey, and cricket. Reading history, especially ancient Greek history. Music, movies and swimming. Training Received I attended a number of work-shops during my tenure at J&J.... To excel in what one does and to be better at it than others is the cherished desire of all persons. However, the measure of success depends upon the effort one puts in to constantly develop and improve his / her skills and personality. Stephen R Covey in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People suggests that to start the process of self improvement one should write down how he or she would like to be remembered after their death and then work to achieve that ideal. Meyer – Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) is a personality test designed to identify significant personal preferences. Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers developed the Indicator during World War II, and its criteria follow from Carl Jung's theories in his work Psychological Types. According to Myers-Briggs Theory, while types and traits are both inborn, traits can be improved akin to skills, whereas types, if supported by a healthy environment, naturally differentiate over time. The ind icator attempts to tell the order in which this occurs in each person, and it is that information that the complete descriptions are based on. The indicator is like an arrow which attempts to point in the direction of the proper description. To learn about one's inborn traits is to create the opportunity to improve how one applies them in different contexts. In that sense, the MBTI can yield much personal change and growth.The main sorts of MBTI are known as Dichotomies.

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A Challenging experience in life and what I learned from it Essay

A Challenging experience in life and what I learned from it - Essay Example Everything felt like a white lie. I even thought mum would leave me some day like dad did, although I knew that would never happen. Mum and grandma stood by me and filled all that confidence in me that led me to explore my hidden talents, and I found a world class performer in me. All these years, I have been practicing dance for it is my passion. I am not only a wonderful dancer, but am also a nice vocalist and have entertained the audience in some musical theatres. I see a strong connection between what happened to me in the early childhood and my interest in singing. I have always been fond of sad songs. Having listened to them too much, I crammed up many of them and started to sing them. People say that my voice comes from the heart because I do justice to the gravity of words in altering the frequency of my voice along the way as I sing. The fundamental reason I am applying to this college is the fact that I want to build my career in performing arts. The familial tension that I have been in for many years in my childhood has indeed, changed me for the better. I think that having been in pain for so long, I understand what it feels like and so, I can never think of betraying anyone. In my class, I am known as the most loyal friend. I am loyal because I wanted to become unlike my father. So the quest for revenge has nicely transformed into a strength that I am greatly appreciated for. Today, I am a very strong person. Perhaps, I would not have been as strong had I not grown up in these

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The first submission Essay Example for Free

The first submission Essay A1 â€Å"I gave an introduction discussing what capital structure is and how it relates to debt vs. equity financing and what maximizes shareholder return and what the goal of the company is in choosing a capital structure approach. I then made my recommendation discussing all approaches for all years using a table with earnings per share in each year for each approach and totaling them up to make my recommendation. (This was discussed and told to us in the webinar as the method so I am just repeating what was said). I then made my recommendation referencing the table, explaining why it maximizes shareholder return *****always refer to actual numbers.† A1aâ€Å"I justified my recommendation by talking about how the other approaches were not maximizing shareholder return and why, referencing the outcomes and what was causing their earnings per share to be lower Talk about all of the other approaches and reference the actual numbers. I repeated my recommendation at the end to sum it up.† A2 â€Å"I gave an introduction describing capital budgeting, net present value, and internal rate of return, and referenced things from the Storyline that were applicable to this section in a paragraph describing the background of the scenario (what was going on with company). I then discussed NPV and IRR in individual sections where I referenced all of the numbers and told what they meant about whether or not the company should pursue the project. I gave brief explanation of how the numbers were calculated. At the end of each section for both IRR and NPV I made a recommendation about whether or not to pursue the project based on the NPV and IRR results in the spreadsheet.† A3 â€Å"I began by discussing the background from the storyline (why they need  working capital, how much they need) I then gave 3 ways the firm can obtain working capital. I then discussed 3 ways to properly manage working capital.I was told in the webinar to think about the accounts that make up working capital. I then discussed Lease vs. Buy. I started by giving the background from the storyline. It is supposed to be approached from the standpoint of which one BEST preserves working capital (on the task directions) I explained how they arrived at the numbers on the spreadsheet (A good resource to understand where all the numbers came from and how they were calculated is Buy or Lease? Commercial Property Decisions from website. I then told which one they should do based on which one better preserves working capital (from task directions). If you are confused just think about how WC is calculated.. I referenced numbers, years, etc all steps of the way.† A4 â€Å"I told what a merger is what earnings per share means and what the merger was saying about EPS and how it would affect shareholder returns. I told what an acquisition is what the NPV of the acquisition is and what that means. Always referencing the numbers. I then made a recommendation based on EPS in the merger before and after and NPV of the acquisition. This information comes from the webinar I am just repeating it.† â€Å"I hope my explanation of my method and tips from the webinar help, Timothy.† Timothy Minyard, Student, July 2014. A1 and A2 – Low and Moderate Sales and Calculations â€Å"Hello, when completing the first two task prompts, is it necessary to analyze both the low and the moderate outcomes? For example, on the Capital Structure tab it gives you the moderate EBIT to use, are we expected to enter the low as well? Also, on the Capital Budgeting tab, do we discuss both scenarios of low and moderate planning?† â€Å"Task 3 A1, use only the moderate demand. A2, Capital Budget analyze both low and moderate demands.† Dr. Cherry, CM, July 2014 A2 – Internal Rate of Return as listed on Spreadsheet â€Å"On the spreadsheet (Task 3 Capital Budgeting Tab) the Internal Rate of  Return projections are listed for both low and moderate sales and then below is a IRR percentage. Yours could be different but my percentages are 8.7% and 10.1%. Are these percentages directly tied to the numbers above them or are they thresholds? If they are NOT thresholds, where do I find good suggestions for an appropriate threshold for IRR?† â€Å"10%. It is listed in the storyline.† Dr. Cherry, CM, August 2014 A3 â€Å"I am unable to find information or chapters on Lease vs. Buy. Any assistance would be appreciated.† â€Å"There is a SkillSoft titled Managerial Decisions and Capital Budgeting that has a section on Lease or Buy Decisions and Make or Buy Decisions. You can find it under the Financial Analysis Course Materials for The Best Structure and Use of Capital section.† Adrian Thompson, Student, June 2014. A3Question I find this part of Task 3 to be misleading. The task states: Discuss how working capital can be properly obtained and managed for the Canadian expansion. The discussion should consider the lease-versus-buy analysis (Spreadsheet tab: Task 3_Lease vs Buy). This, to me, is asking how can we obtain working capital for the Canadian expansion? Then when I look at the Task 3 Lease vs Buy spreadsheet, it says The $200,000 in working capital and $50,000 down payment would have to be internally funded. This I feel is telling me that the working capital has to be internally funded. Therefore, for the question A3, I answered how the company can internally fund working capital in order to expand into Canada. I got it returned to me for However, other ways to obtain working capital, besides internal generation, should also be discussed. Sorry, I just needed to vent. This is the 2nd time Ive had this task returned and this one frustrated me. I am really struggling with understanding the lease vs buy option. I  submitted my task and received the following response from the Grader The submission provides a good discussion of how to properly obtain and mange working capital for the Canadian Expansion. The recommendation to lease is presented; however, to fully support the decision an evaluation of the PV of outflows should be considered. What am I missing and what should I focus on. Should I be discussing that one yielding the higher NPV should be selected? Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.† â€Å"In the lease vs buy scenario, we discussing cash outflows, so you would want to select the option that will cost the company the least amount of working capital.† Dr. Cherry, CM, august 2014 A3 Lease vs Buy â€Å"I have a question on the financial information tab for Lease vs. Buy. The after tax cash flows for the lease option are $58,500 each year and Im wondering how we would arrive at this number? The storyline states that the five-year lease would entail payments of $90,000 each year for 5 years. It seems a stretch that the after tax cash flows would go all the way down to $58,500 from $90,000. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks!† â€Å"$90,000 * (1 tax rate) = $90,000 * .65† Dr. Cherry, CM, August 2014 A4Allocation of Overhead As we consider the merit of opening or acquiring a Canadian operation, should we be concerned with the allocation of overhead and shared services, such as Executive Comp and some aspects of shared services such as A/P and A/R salary costs? Without these allocations, the US operations will carry the whole burden. James Crowe, July 2014 â€Å"When considering the merger vs acquisition, first analyze the two projects to determine if both are financial viable. If so, then continue on with qualitative pros and cons.† Dr. Cherry, CM, July 2014

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Siberian Tigers :: essays research papers

What it looks like: Siberian tiger is the largest and most rare of all members of the cat family. This cat is 8-10 feet long, excluding their 25-38 inch rattling tail. This species of tiger weighs 400-700 pounds. Like all members of the tiger family, males are significantly larger than females.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The fur of the Siberian tiger is long, thick and yellow with dark black stripes running through it. The coat of this animal is reddish colored in the summer months. The underside of the Siberian tiger is bright white, and the tail area is white and black. What its eating habits are: Like all members of the cat family, tigers are carnivores. The Siberian tiger hunts a wide range of prey, including small mammals, deer, water buffalo, wild pigs, and birds. Tigers ambush their prey, often camouflaging themselves and observing their intended victims for long periods of time. Siberian tigers are strong animals, able to tackle large animals almost twice their size, and render the victim helpless by inflicting a series of deadly bites into the animal's spine or throat. This semi-nocturnal animals covers 6-12 miles each night in search of food. MATING: Siberian tigers mate in winter months and following a 3-5 month gestation period, the female produces 3-4 cubs. Cubs weigh just over 2 pounds each and are born blind. The small litter of cubs stay close to their mother for the first 8 weeks of life. By 18 months, the young are capable of hunting on their own. Young stay with their mother for 2 years, at which time they leave the pact and travel solo. The life span of the Siberian tiger is 15 years in the wild, and significantly longer in captivity. LIFESTYLE: The Siberian tiger at one time ranged through Korea, China, parts of Russia, and Siberia. Today, they are near extinction in all areas, except Russia. The Siberian tiger is a solitary animal, preferring to travel and hunt alone or with a small pack. This animal lives in mountainous regions and heavily forested areas. The tiger's first line of defense is the rattle at the end of its tail. The Siberian tiger will shake the tail to warn off enemies or communicate to others the threat of danger. This cat is a powerful jumper and climber, also capable of running at high speeds. The paws of the Siberian tiger are equipped with long, sharp, dagger-like retractable claws.

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Is men appear stronger than women in his play “A Midsummer Nights Dream “? Essay

How does Shakespeare make men appear stronger than women in his play â€Å"A Midsummer Nights Dream â€Å"? How does this affect society at the time of writing? â€Å"A Midsummer Nights Dream† was written by William Shakespeare and was rumoured to be written around 1598, when Elizabeth the 1st was on the throne. The reason that it is believed to be written around this era is that at the time there was a few years of bad weather in England. This links to the effects of Titania and Oberon’s argument over the changeling child whereby the fairy and mortal world are changed. Titania is the Queen of the fairies and Oberon is the King of the fairies. In this essay I will be providing evidence that men seem stronger than women in â€Å"A Midsummer Nights Dream† by using quotations and personal reasons. As ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ is set in Athens and there are four main groups of characters, the lovers, the mechcanicals Theseus, the duke of Athens is getting married to Hippolyta, the Queen of amazons. Egeus has chosen a husband for his daughter, Hermia, who has refused to marry Demetrius. Egeus has gone to the Duke to ask him what he can do about his uncooperative daughter. The Dukes solution is to punish Hermia for disobeying her father; to die or to marry Demetrius. This contradicts my essay title that men are more powerful than women, however, this is only one of the very few times when women seem to be more powerful than men. Hermia is actually in love with Lysander and he is in love with her so he refuses to give her up to Demetruis. To avoid punishment from the Duke, they both flee the nearby forest just outside of Athens were they are followed by Helena and Demetruis. The problems start to arise when Puck, the henchman of Oberon places a love potion in the wrong athenians eye. Making Lysander fall in love with Helena and when he tries to resolve the problem he puts the â€Å"love potion† in Demetrius’s eyes. Demetruis and Lysander are now madly in love with Helena leaving Hermia with nobody loving her. Again Puck creates another problem by messing about while a group of work men are rehearsing for a play that they hope to perform at the Duke’s wedding. This creates a very humorous moment in the play. This is also evidence that the play was written for the Queen Elizabeth 1st as she liked comedies. This is ideal for Oberon’s plan to humiliate the Queen of the Fairies to get the changeling boy that he desires so much. During the period of time when the love juice is in effect, there is a lot of misunderstandings and bewilderment. The fairies create a lot of trouble in the play as well as a paranormal element. It is also like a dream when the play is set in the forest and then when it is set in the city of Athens it more realistic. In the play Egeus can not control his daughter so we assume that he is a weak person especially as in Shakespeare’s time it is thought that women were controlled by males and they weren’t suppose to question it. To prove this Theseus says, â€Å"To you your father must be a god â€Å" Egeus goes on to describe how Demetrius is a man who she should marry. He blames Lysander for her change in attitude towards him as the play continues, â€Å"Turned her obedience, which is due to me, to stubborn harshness†. During the time of Shakespeare women were possessions to men, as Egeus says, â€Å"As she is mine, I may dispose of her† Egeus goes on to explain about the law but he needs Theseus to control the situation, as he is the Duke. In this situation the female involved, Hermia, is the more powerful then Egeus, however, the situation changes when they go and speak to Theseus. where they both threaten Hermia with death. To prove to her father that she will not obey him Hermia argues, â€Å"I grow, so live, so die, my lord†¦unto his lordship, whose unwished yoke† This basically means that you can kill me but I will not be happy until I marry Lysander. Oberon is the King of the Fairies and Titania is the Queen of the Fairies. They are both powerful but in different ways and that is what makes the story interesting. When we first meet Oberon and Titania we find out that they are having an argument or a misunderstanding. We know this because the first thing that Oberon states is â€Å"Ill be met by moonlight, proud Titania† Titania replies with â€Å"I have forsworn his bed company† This reply shows that they are in the middle of the quarrel as she won’t do what Oberon wants her to do; to give him the changeling boy. For a long time Titania resists and she even refuses to go to bed with him. Again like Egeus and Hermia women are supposed to obey men and this is another example of disobedience from women. A changeling boy show power to who ever owns one as a changeling boy is a henchman that’s why Titania wont even give him up for the for the Fairy Kingdom. â€Å"Not for thy fairy kingdom† But Oberon response shows his power because he can take revenge â€Å"Well go thy way †¦ till I torment thee for this injury† By saying this he explains to the audience how his strength and control can be used to retaliate against Titania’s infliction. Theseus and Hippolyta were both leaders of a cluster of people. Theseus was the Duke of Athens and had control over all the people that lived in the Greek city of Athens and Hippolyta was the Queen of the Amazons. The Amazons were a group of women that hated men who had fought in battles and also had a ritual to cut their right breast so they could fire arrows. They both had a lot of respect from two very different groups of people. Hippolyta was seen as a trophy wife, she was won in a battle and so became his prize. Theseus shows Hippolyta off to show that he has the power to win battles. As explained earlier Egeus came to Theseus with a dilemma about his daughter and to show his power he threatens her with a death penalty. During the play Hippolyta doesn’t say a lot of things and it is obvious that she has hidden feelings, but as a conclusion Theseus has a lot more power over her, this proving my statement. The first we see of Demetrius is in the forest and Helena is following him. They are both looking for Lysander and Hermia when we notice that Helena is trying to beg for Demetruis’s love, â€Å"I am your spaniel †¦ your wrongs do set a scandal on my sex we cannot fight love, as many men do† Helena seems a pushy character and seems selfish. I think this because it is obvious that he doesn’t love her but she still asks and pleads him to love her. The power is definitely towards Demetrius as he is denying Helena’s love because he loves Hermia. Demetrius shows his strength and takes advantage of her by saying â€Å"leave the city.† The power changes after puck puts love juice in his eyes while he is sleeping. This affects everything as he now loves her so much and doesn’t love Hermia anymore as Demetrius says, â€Å"O Helena, goddess nymph, perfect divine† By saying this he weakens his masculinity to what Helena was before. Queen Elizabeth was a very powerful woman and to show this she once said this very memorable quote, â€Å"I know I have the body of a weak and feeble, but I have the heart and stomach of a king and a king of England at that† This quote reflects how men were perceived as powerful and strong and women as weak and incapable. Queen Elizabeth was about the first woman to show that she was strong and not how women were portrayed as. She somewhat broke the dowry system law, which was that women were not aloud to work or do anything constructive. In conclusion of this essay I feel that men are overall more powerful than women but after further consideration I feel that towards the end of the play the power changes over to the women. This is all down to Puck and Oberon with the love juice. There is certain situations were women appear more powerful than men. That situation is with Egeus and Hermia, as she doesn’t get punished for loving Lysander rather than the chosen Demetrius. Even at the end of the play she still has power over him as they marry. I think the play was the best out of the Shakespeare plays that I have previously studied. I enjoyed it because it was one of the plays that I actually understood and I like the comedy that was included in the play. I also liked how the subplots all rolled in to one or they affected one of the other plots.

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American Charity Organizations America s Stand Point On...

America’s Megalomaniac Urge to Put Others First Lesley Boone once said, â€Å"We are a country that prides itself on power and wealth, yet there are millions of children who go hungry every day.† When people think of world issues, many do not consider America’s stand point on the ordeal. They are unable to fully comprehend the growing lack of jobs, poverty, hunger, poor health care, and meager education that takes place across the nation. American charity foundations are often eager to jump to the rescue of other countries, but what about the detrimental issues that occur and worsen here every day? In the past, the majority of organizations are predominantly directed at foreign countries; helping places such as Ethiopia, India, Somalia, etc. While here, poverty and debt are increasing by surmountable amounts. Charities for other regions are beneficial, but shouldn’t people here be first priority? The majority of problems have the potential to be easily fi xed. What happens when we have nothing left to give? If the United States does not soon take this into consideration, it could be hazardous and irreversible to the American society. When considering where America’s charitable hands should go, many things need to be taken into consideration such as; charities outside of the U.S., should America put more effort into problems here, the increasing debt and poverty levels, and how benefits of focusing more here. The first point of this essay will discuss problems within theShow MoreRelatedThe Unspoken Captivity : Retrospectives On Human Trafficking3262 Words   |  14 Pagesof money, employment, or better opportunities not normally afforded to the victim. Ultimately, the victims later find themselves trapped and manipulated and held against his or her will for the price of profit or involuntary servitude. Several organizations and governments across the globe, have implemented approaches to eradicate human trafficking. Unfortu nately, the attempts to abolish this crime against human rights seems impossible to stop due to the ever-growing demand. Discovery Human traffickingRead MoreEssay on 103 American Literature Final Exam5447 Words   |  22 Pagesï » ¿Final Exam I. Multiple choice: 1% x 30 = 30% 1865-1914 1. The novels and short stories of Henry James and Edith Wharton tended to focus on (A) the tragic outcomes of impoverished characters living in industrialized urban wastelands. (B) the ordeals of isolated characters living as survivalists in the sparsely populated hinterlands of the United States. (C) the inner psychological lives of privileged upper-class characters. (D) the exploits of characters with startling accomplishments and impressiveRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesmanagement : case studies I Harold Kerzner. -- 2nd ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN-13: 978-0-471-75167-0 (pbk.) ISBN-10: 0-471-75167-7 (pbk.) 1. Project management-Case studies. I. Title. Printed in the United States of America Contents Preface xi 1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES 1 Lakes Automotive 3 Fems Healthcare, Inc. Clark Faucet Company 2 5 7 11 IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Kombs Engineering 13 Williams Machine Tool CompanyRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesbuilt-in pretests and posttests, focus on what you need to learn and to review in order to succeed. Visit to learn more. DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul SingaporeRead MoreEffects of Corruption in the Phil.14311 Words   |  58 Pagesthe maximum profit from the other side. So the income of public official, who as an economic agent regards his office as a business, does not depend on his usefulness for the common good but upon the market situation and his talent for finding the point of maximal gain on the publics demand curve. Thus the corruption is always an exploitation of the public, which can occur only because the civil servants occupy a constitutionally independent position vis-a-vis the public. There have been a numberRead MoreA Comprehensive Analysis of Hyatt Hotels Corporation and How It Relates to Competition Within the Hotel Industry27390 Words   |  110 Pagesalso be used in a hotel environment, and in destination hotels and casino resorts the information gathered from the card can be used to market and promote both gaming and non-gaming activities. Thirdly, Coda Research estimates that 74 million Americans will have video technology built into their phones, by 2015, up from 15 million in 2009, and 78 million will be able to access mobile banking via their phone. (CMO Council, 2014) These figures reaffirm the importance of communicating with tomorrows